NJ ACCA COVID-19 Business and Government Resource Page


The following list includes resources for New Jersey business owners specifically relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will update this list on an ongoing basis and post updates directly to our website.


The Board of Public Utilities Response to COVID-19 Pandemic



FAQ Resource Page on CORONA-19 and New Jersey Businesses



How do Executive Orders No. 107 and 108 on closures and social distancing affect your business?



New Jersey Launches New COVID-19 Website – In addition to general state-wide information this site also provides live updates on what is happening throughout the state.



New Jersey Department of Health / Communicable Disease Site – This site provides information for individuals, schools and businesses.



New Jersey Government Social Media Resources

Twitter - @NJGov

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/NJGov/

Instagram - @NJGov


COVID-19 Legal and HR Resource Page from Clark Hill, National Law Firm with Local Representation 



ACCA COVID-19 Employer Resource Page