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ALERT! Serious Legislation That Will Significantly Impact HVACR Businesses

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We are asking for your assistance in raising opposition to S3071/A3666, that requires public works contractors' workers to participate in, or have completed a registered apprenticeship program, was introduced last week is now through both the Senate and Assembly Committees.

If passed, S3071/A3666 will significantly impact HVACR businesses operating in New Jersey who would become subject to the bill's burdensome apprenticeship requirements. New Jersey's current apprenticeship infrastructure does not have the capacity or infrastructure to meet the requirements of the measure. As written, all workers subject to the Public Works Contractor Registration Act, would have to participate in, or have completed a registered apprenticeship program. 

Additionally, contractors who have performed HVACR work for a number of years, without completing an apprenticeship, would be subject to these new overburdening requirements.  This bill puts an undue burden on our businesses, of which are already licensed, and our employees who will be required to add additional training beyond what we have already provided.

Please know we are keeping a close eye on this development but we need your help. We are asking you to contact your representatives and ask them to stop this legislation. To find out who your representative is https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/NJ#representatives.

NJ ACCA and our legal team at PPAG are working hard on behalf of you, your company and our industry.


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